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TOPIC: additives for valve seat lubrication: Flashlube et

additives for valve seat lubrication: Flashlube et 5 years 4 months ago #239

  • leon
  • leon's Avatar
I cannot agree more.
But with overwhelming displays of evidence online and at smaller LPG converters, we cannot argue the fact that some vehicles may suffer from valve seat recession or burned valves due to Petrol or LPG. LPG has an octane value of 105-130 comparing that to Petrol 95 Octane or a premium branded Petrol of 99 Octane. Knowing these values alone, stands to show that LPG could in theory hurt your valves etc.
All of the photo's on the internet, showing valves bending and the seats badly damaged, cannot be taken at face value.
The failures that we have experienced are from racing or excessive miles without servicing.
If anyone drives on LPG or Petrol at 7000rpm +, around a racetrack or illegally should have a full service prior and after the escapade. They should also use some sort of valve lubrication system, unless they use hardened valves and are warranty'd.
Anyone driving in excess of 20,000 miles a year should be having regular servicing and or a valve lubrication system if they run on petrol.
We at profess had a complaint last year, from a taxi driver that had his conversion carried out in 2008, he had done in excess of 300,000 miles in the vehicle. In my opinion the vehicle was never at a stand still.....
He complained that under our new policy, he should not have been charged for new LPG injectors to be placed on his vehicle. We had not seen his vehicle since the conversion and yet he complained about the £120 charge, and then tried to say that the new policy should have been honoured to a 2008 conversion...
But in all honesty he did regular servicing at his local garage and did have a valve lubrication system on the vehicle.
I cannot agree more with zipdip, his statement is true in my opinion. But because of the overwhelming evidence out there i cannot refuse to place a lubrication system on any type of vehicle. I may even advise to have 1 fitted to some if the circumstances warrant one.
Best regards.
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additives for valve seat lubrication: Flashlube et 5 years 4 months ago #234

  • zipdip
  • zipdip's Avatar
Hi I am a new member,but I have had lpg cars for 6 years,I have never had a flash lube system fitted, :silly: the vast majority of cars do not need them,there is a opinion that you should fit the lube system to jap cars as there valve seats are only just good enough for running on petrol,but I have never understood how putting some oil on the valve stems /seats works as it is the exhaust valves that take the strain,of lpg burning hotter :) and oil don't last long at that point in the engine,still it is up to people if they fill they want it they should fit it,I have had a Vectra and I now have a citroen c5 on gas.

Best Regards
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additives for valve seat lubrication: Flashlube et 5 years 6 months ago #117

  • leon
  • leon's Avatar
Hello Michael.

We do recommend Flash Lube on certain vehicles such as 3-4c vehicles/Pre 1997 models/Vehicles running 75+ miles on long runs everyday/Vehicles with known soft valves-valve seats/Vehicles red-lined often and vehicles that are raced.

If your vehicle is produced before 1997 we do recommend it due to the non leaded petrol causing the valve seat recession as well as LPG doing the same.
Sorry for the delay, i have been off for 10 days.

Best regards
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additives for valve seat lubrication: Flashlube et 5 years 7 months ago #65

  • Michaelj6464
  • Michaelj6464's Avatar
Does anybody recommend the use of Flashlube or similar to protect valves and seats?

Has anyone had any issues with valve seat recession or undue wear?

We run a 1995 Nissan Almera and a 1995 Mondeo 2 Litre on LPG (Both converted by Profess Autogas). We are very happy with both cars,but I would like to get a better understanding of these issues.
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